We Are With You.

The AMS GroupĀ is proud to offer manufacturing solutions to the aerospace industry and beyond. Our diverse manufacturing and engineering capabilities allow us to successfully accommodate projects ranging from very small to very large, and everything in between.

Our combined 100+ years of manufacturing experience yields precise results to fit your delivery requirements. The AMS group contributes value added services such as CNC turning and milling, Mechanical Engineering, Welding, Clean room Assembly and Process Control from start to finish to streamline your projects.

We are with you from the design phase through final testing and assembly.

Read About Our NASA JPL Curiosity Rover Project

Next Intent

At Next Intent, our motto is “We Build Really Cool Stuff”. That’s our motto, because our customer design cool stuff, like rockets, airplanes, Mars rovers, flexures, telescopes and spacecraft. We love what we do, so we care about how we do it. We like to engineer and build things. We create value by improving our customer’s operations, lowering total costs & risk, and improving overall quality.

CNC Machining 3, 4 & 5 Axis milling
CNC Turning and Mill / Turning
EDM Wire machining and drilling
Surface, Cylindrical and Jig grinding
Lapping and Honing Read More

C.L. Hann Industries

Since our start in 1971 we have offered an ever expanding range of contract manufacturing services, some of which include CNC machining, certified welding and fabricating of all sizes. In recent years we have added in house and special process testing such as:

NDT weld inspection
Proof Load testing
Sub-harmonic stress relieving
AWS certified welding process for Inconel 718
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Tapemation is located in Scotts Valley, CA near Santa Cruz. Tapemation is a women owned small business that has been in the machining industry since 1961. Tapemation is an approved source for fracture critical, Level 1 / Sub-Safe and High Strength steel alloys.

We have a vast array of large machine tools, with sizes up to 80″ CNC turning to 240″ CNC Milling. We have a welding facility with welders certified to AWS D1.1 and AWS D1.2. We specialize in complex, ultra high vacuum chambers, aircraft tooling and mechanical ground support equipment. Read More

Contact: Rodney Babcock @ Next Intent 805-781-6775